Yoga Walks by the Lune: River Walk

Whilst kindness can be often thought of as giving to others we can forget to give this to ourselves. You deserve your own love and affection as much as anyone does.

Place: By the River Lune

Pose: Warrior II or “Virabhadrasana II” 

Purpose: Stand in your own strength, bring more wisdom, courage, and unwavering focus into every action.
Practice: Take a wide step back with your left leg, toes pointing in, press down in the feet and raise your arms parallel to the floor, keep the shoulders and down, bend your right knee, press the top of your left thigh back, draw your abdomen in and lengthen your spine, looking over your right hand. Stay for 5 breaths or more. To come out press into your feet, straighten your legs and step up. Repeat on the other side.

River Walk (2.8 miles)

 You can stop along the way to take in the beautiful scenery and may undertake a meditation or some yoga poses.

1. Starting in the square, walk down Main Street towards the church and continue along Fairbank.

2. You will pass Underley Estate and when you get to Kearstwick turn right along Phil Lane.

3. At the end of the lane turn right and keep going along the path until you meet the River Lune. 

4. From here you will follow the river path right up to Devil’s bridge. Then turn right up Bridge Brow towards town.

5. Turn right down the small walkway off Bridge Brow. You will eventually join up with Jingling Lane, arriving back into town.

Yoga by the Lune

Yoga by the Lune was born out of a passion to create a safe and welcoming space to inspire, connect and support people. Helping to bring back connection and kindness to ourselves, others and the environment. Yoga isn’t about getting into a pose, it’s connecting back to ourselves, coming back in, living in the present authentically, without judgement or harm.

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