Yoga Walks by the Lune: Desk Yoga

Been sitting at your desk for too long? This short session focuses on yoga for the neck, shoulders and upper back, with a little hip wiggle in there too. Aiming to remove some of the discomfort that arises from spending too much time in one position, in this case sitting over a desk, and to combat stress. Giving you an opportunity to check in and bring calm as well as focus. This can be done at your desk at any time throughout the day. 

Move away from your desk, no need to get changed and let’s relieve some of that tension and turn to our body and mind:


Ahimsa, 1st of the Yamas (part of the 8 limbs of yoga) teaches us non violence – to ourselves, others and the environment, in the way that we speak and act.

The Yama practices can be said to be cleaning techniques for our mind, body and spirit, so that we are able to live more consciously, liberated and Ahimsa is the foundation, which we do this from.


Photo credit: Robin Ree


Yoga by the Lune

Yoga by the Lune was born out of a passion to create a safe and welcoming space to inspire, connect and support people. Helping to bring back connection and kindness to ourselves, others and the environment. Yoga isn’t about getting into a pose, it’s connecting back to ourselves, coming back in, living in the present authentically, without judgement or harm.

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