What's On in Kirkby Lonsdale

Various photos showing things you can do in Kirkby Lonsdale
Phoenix Rising Exhibition banner

Rise out of Lockdown with Kirkby Lonsdale at the Phoenix Rising Art Exhibition this July and August. The exhibition will be taking place all day every day from Monday 19th July to Friday 6th August at St Mary’s Church, Kirkby Lonsdale.

The artwork from the Phoenix Rising Art Taster workshops are being displayed in a three-week exhibition this summer for the whole community to enjoy and benefit from.

Notice Nature Walks

The Notice Nature Walks are part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park’s Notice Nature programme and Kirkby Lonsdale’s ongoing commitment to offer health and wellbeing opportunities to the community. The walks are completely free and will follow the five pathways to nature connection: senses, emotion, meaning, beauty and compassion, offering you an opportunity to connect with nature and relax in the outdoors.

Over the summer, park rangers will lead three walks near Kirkby Lonsdale where you will learn about the trees, plants and animals around you. In September there will be a Dark Skies walk taking you on a similar journey as you learn about stars and space.   

Annual Flower & Vegetable Show 2021

Have you been honing your skills during Lockdown? Why not enter the Annual Flower & Vegetable Show in Kirkby Lonsdale this August? Not only flowers and vegetables, but baking, photography and arts & crafts too – only 25p to enter!
Organised every year by the Kirkby Lonsdale Gardening Association. 

Guided Vault Walks

We know our own town better than anyone so let us show you around!

This is your chance to hear the stories of Kirkby Lonsdale told by our very own qualified local guides. What better way to get to know our beautiful town and the stories hidden amongst the cobbled streets.

The next Guided Town Walk available will be on Friday and Saturday 17th April or as soon as government restrictions allow.

The Vault: An Interactive Installation

The Vault is an interactive installation located at the back of the Information & Gift Shop on Main Street inside the old bank vault.

Unlock the hidden stories of Kirkby Lonsdale, including the true story behind Ruskin’s view, the tragic history of the nearby Bronté sisters and much more!

The vault is now contactless and Covid-19 safe. Opening from 12th April, in line with government regulations.

The Vault Trail

Wander around Kirkby Lonsdale and unlock the QR codes to learn about the characters and history of the town. 

This is the perfect outdoor activity to do during lockdown, especially while The Vault is closed. 

Summer Quiz and Colouring Competition 

Celebrate the summer holidays with a summer quiz and colouring competition, organised by Little Owls Emporium and DottyandV, two of Kirkby Lonsdale’s fantastic children’s shops!

Complete the summer quiz and colour in the DottyOwl, sharing your wonderful work online with the hashtag #dottyowlsummer to be in for winning a special prize…

The Social Butterfly Project

Mental illness is a public health crisis, and the young in our society have particularly felt the damaging effect of the pandemic. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, suicide, loss and a sense of people being increasingly polarized have had a profound effect on many in our community. These are alarming trends, but we believe our shared spaces can play a vital role in our emotional health. Many other people do too, and if we continue to question what our public spaces can be, our built environment can offer profound moments of unity and empathy through shared experience. We hope that the Social Butterfly Project might continue to evolve, restore perspective, and offer a space in our schools and the community to reflect together.  
social butterfly project
Please Help!
To show your support, would you be willing to display handmade origami butterflies in your shop, car or home window?  These have been made by our students & will be available for collection from the porch of St. Mary’s Church from 2 April.  Please support us!

Art Installations

Interactive art installations will be placed in the three outdoor church spaces in Kirkby Lonsdale. These will be completed by 2 April and ready for the local community to engage with. Each small installation will incorporate a chalkboard with a stenciled Sentence Starter. You, the participating viewer, will be encouraged to finish the sentence. Please get involved!

Follow the Social Butterfly Project on their website and Twitter.

Supporting Each Other

The aim of this project is to unite young people with the local community through the medium of art, offering spaces to reflect together, following the emotional impact of Covid-19.  

Mutual Aid

If you are struggling during Lockdown try reaching out to family members or friends, visit our Mutual Aid Page or you can use any of these resources below:

Cumbria County Council (Advice and Information): https://www.cumbria.gov.uk/coronavirus/landingpage.asp

Cumbria County Council (Welfare): https://www.cumbria.gov.uk/welfare/default.asp

Every Life Matters (Welfare): https://www.every-life-matters.org.uk/get-help/

Southlakes Housing (Welfare): https://www.southlakeshousing.co.uk/coronavirus-covid-19-emergency-support-helpline/ 

Southlakeland District Council (Business Support): https://www.southlakeland.gov.uk/business-and-trade/business-support-grants-coronavirus-covid-19/

To show we are all in this together