The Vault: Interactive Cinema

Unlock the Vault today and discover Kirkby Lonsdales hidden stories!

Enter through the iron door at the Information & Gift Shop and discover the interactive cinema called the Vault…

Step back in time and meet the historical characters with their stories of Kirkby Lonsdale, concealed amongst the old safety deposit boxes at the back of The Old Bank building. You will be in the company of characters such as J.M. Barry, who was inspired by Kirkby Lonsdales beauty when he wrote Peter Pan, and listen in as artist J. M. W Turner and art critic John Ruskin muse over one of the loveliest views in England, therefore in the world”.


Information & Gift Shop

29 Main Street

Kirkby Lonsdale



The Vault is open in line with the Information & Gift Shop opening hours. Please bear in mind the shop is staffed by volunteers.

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guided vault walks

Guided Vault Walks

Once you have entered this world of hidden stories and unsung heroes you will want to know more! Book onto a Guided Vault Walk to delve further into the mysteries of Kirkby Lonsdale and venture through the cobbled streets and secret ginnels with one of our local, trained guides.

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Information & Gift Shop

After learning at first hand about Kirkby Lonsdales rich cultural history, browse the Information & Gift Shop to start planning your day trips to the nearby Yorkshire Dales and Lake District National Parks. Here you will also find a range of perfect locally crafted souvenirs, some of the exclusive to the Information & Gift Shop.