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Feeding Kirkby Lonsdale

Kirkby Lonsdale is perhaps best known for its cafes, restaurants and bars, and the owners are working hard to keep the town fed during the Coronavirus shutdown. From special appointments to collect, to bicycle deliveries, and collaborations with local shops, they’ve come up with new ways of trading in a very short time. Kirstie Pelling from Kirkby Lonsdale Visitor Information profiles some local businesses making isolation a little more palatable…

The ultimate beer bike
The ultimate beer bike. Image by Stu Taylor.

A changed high street

The Kirkby Lonsdale high street has changed. Birdsong dominates the soundtrack and the town monument stands isolated in the square, as though in solidarity with its people. You’d be forgiven for thinking the whole town has gone into hibernation as locals obey government rules about social distancing and tourists stay at home.

But behind the scenes, bars, and cafes in Kirkby and surrounding villages are pedalling away to keep residents fed and watered….

Kirkby Londale Market Square Monument
Market Square Monument – always busy on market day

The Milking Parlour gelato drop

So, summer’s not going to be entirely ruined! Hurrah for Sarah and Ed Beattie at The Milking Parlour who are offering a local, once a fortnight delivery service of gelato. They will drop it off to your door within five miles of the shop for free, or on orders over £16.50 from further afield. You can order by messaging them on Facebook or Instagram and pay online. Check out their social media for the specifics on how to order.    

Kirkby Lonsdale High Street

The high street has gone dark but is still working. Image by Kirstie Pelling. 

The Lunesdale Bakery bake off

At Lunesdale Bakery, Gilly comes in at midnight to bake the bread, Fiona does the cakes and owner Owain handles everything else. This dramatically reduced team are well aware how important bread is to people’s well-being and breakfast tables. The bakery has quickly adapted to the sudden demands of the Coronavirus crisis. 

As the trio work flat out to create and sell bread and cakes, they don’t have the time to offer home deliveries. Instead they are supplying Sarah and Scott at Borders next door with cakes and bread for their family veg boxes, and supplying the community Mutual Aid Group with food for delivery to people self isolating. 

To give the team time to rest and restock, the bakery is closed on Sundays and Tuesdays; otherwise it’s business as usual. “The shop is still open, selling our normal range of produce and anything can be made to order.” says Owain. “I decided not to shut two consecutive days so people don’t go without. If you want to order something for Monday, please do it on Saturday and if you’d like an order for Wednesday, you will need to place it by Monday. Otherwise ordering the day before is fine. It helps us know how much to make and it will guarantee you get exactly what you want – croissants or speciality bread for example.”     

Owen Hughes, Lunesdale Bakery
Owain Hughes and his bread. Image by Robin Ree.

You can still walk into the bakery; official opening hours are 8am-3pm. “But we are often here earlier and later,” says Owain. “and if I am here I will never turn anyone away. If I’ve got it, I’ll sell it.”

It’s not all about the sales though; Lunesdale Bakery is also offering bread for free at the end of the day to people who are struggling to feed the family. No one has taken Owain up on it yet, but as the Coronavirus sprint turns into a marathon he believes that might change. “I’m thinking about people who aren’t going to get any money in for six weeks. It may be a slow burner.”

To make an order of bread, cakes, milk, eggs and a range of other products, call Lunesdale Bakery on 015242 71296, or Owain Hughes on 015242 80028.

The Lunesdale Bakery goes exclusively takeaway
A staple of the Kirkby High Street. Image by Robin Ree.

The Royal Barn beer bike 

Stu Taylor is keeping fit on his bike. That’s not unusual; the owner of The Royal Barn is often to be found cycling some of the world’s highest passes, but at the moment his efforts lie closer to home. He plans to keep Kirkby Lonsdale and surrounding villages personally stocked with their favourite beer, wine and coffee over the coming weeks.

“We will be selling beers, wines, soft drinks; anything we would normally stock but on an off-licence basis,” says Stu. The only thing not on offer is beer on draft for hygiene reasons. You can call in and buy your own on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2pm-5pm. Otherwise he will bike it to your door.

“I’ve got my bike set up and I’m happy to cycle almost anywhere to be honest.”

Royal Barn Bike
Royal Barn bike is on the move. Image by Stu Taylor

How much can he feasibly deliver on a bike? Stu pauses, before answering: “I don’t know, I’ve not had to max it out. I think I can hold about 80 bottles, but I’m happy to go back and forward. I cycled to Casterton yesterday to deliver beer to someone who wanted it for her husband’s birthday celebration.”

Beer Bike
Loads of room in here! Image by Stu Taylor.

Look out for Stu out and about with his distinctive trailer after 5pm in the afternoons or call 015242 71918 to order Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery bottles at £2.50 each or 6 for £12. Kircabi Coffee is £6 per pack or 2 for £10. You can also contact the Royal Barn via their Facebook page.

Delivering to Tram Lane
Delivering to Tram Lane . Image by Stu Taylor.

The Kings Arms Hotel Sunday lunch 

The Kings Arms is making Sundays special again by cooking up a takeaway Sunday lunch for local residents, starting on Easter Sunday. You can choose from beef, chicken or vegetable tart with all the trimmings for £10. You need to pre-order over the phone and pick up at the allotted time. “We shall operate from the front windows which make for an excellent counter/hatch.” says Landlord Greg Joseph. The Kings Arms is also doing other regular take out events. Check out the Kings Arms Facebook page for more info.

Kings Arms menu
Kings Arms menu

Number Forty Four afternoon tea

Number Forty Four is offering an order and collect afternoon tea. For £13 a person you get sandwiches, cakes and tea for a Saturday afternoon treat. You need to order it by lunchtime on Friday and collect on Saturday. See the poster for details. The cafe is also offering a Saturday morning coffee and scones takeout service. 

Number Forty Four Menu
Number Forty Four Menu

The Orange Tree burger night

It’s always a pleasure to have a burger at The Orange Tree and the pub is offering meat, veggie and kids options in a takeout menu. You can collect and enjoy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4.30pm -7pm. You can also buy beer if you bring your own jug. Telephone orders are taken from 4pm.  

The Barbon Inn family pizza 

Barbon Inn is offering local residents a collection service on some of its popular meals. 

“It’s just me and a chef in the kitchen,” says Sandra Grainger who runs the country pub located four miles from Kirkby Lonsdale. 

She invites you to call and place an order from their menu on 01524 76233 between 12-2pm and 6-8pm, and collect it at an agreed time. ”We make everything fresh to order and have all the stuff we need like pizza boxes and packaging. Sunday lunch is popular and a lot of families are ordering the pizzas and fish and chips.” says Sandra who leaves the food in takeaway boxes to ensure social distancing. 

Payment is over the phone or by using a cash box. “I haven’t gone down the route of selling wine or beer yet but there’s always that possibility.” 

Barbon Inn
Barbon Inn. Image by Robin Ree.

Number Nine’s takeaway tapas

Number Nine has reintroduced its takeaway menu with a lovely selection of tapas food. Check out their typical menu or visit their Facebook page for details.

Local shops deliver goodies too..

Don’t forget that local shops are also delivering. 

Here’s our feature on the incredibly hard working Sarah Cutter and Scott Gardner at Borders greengrocers who have totally risen to the challenge of this new world order. 

Dales Butchers, double winners of The British Pie Awards 2020, have been supplying locals with basics and luxuries. You can pop in or order a delivery on all kinds of products. “We are open six days a week and working very hard to keep up with it all.” says Fiona Fabian Duckworth.

The Kirkby Lonsdale Traditional Sweet Shop is stocked with as many Easter gifts as a bunny can carry and all the bonbons you could possibly get through. “We are delivering to all our lovely locals who have been so supportive.” 

Royal Barn bike delivery service
Stu Taylor and his Royal Barn bike delivery service

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