ruskins view closure

Ruskin’s View Closure

Cumbria County Council have closed Ruskin’s View at The Brow from Tuesday 27th September 2021 for the foreseeable future. This has been done because there are concerns around the safety of the footpath, and forecasts of imminent bad weather which could affect the stability of The Brow. The county council is responsible for the footpath along The Brow. The town council, which owns the land under the footpath, has hired specialists to advise on how best to stabilise The Brow. Discussions are going on about providing an alternative pedestrian footpath around the area. When a route has been agreed, there will be further announcements.

The county council’s notice of closure gives the following information:

This notice will be in force for a period of up to 21 days from 28 September 2021, as and when the relevant signs are displayed. It is likely that after this time we will make a second emergency notice of 21 days and if necessary, follow that with a Temporary 6 month Closure Order. There is no suitable alternative route for pedestrians along a public highway.