Jubilee Flower Project

Platinum Jubilee Flower Project

Will you help us grow and make as many jubilee flowers as possible? 

We want to decorate the Monument and TSB building with purple, white and yellow flowers for the Jubilee weekend (2nd – 5th June) and we need your help to do it!

We need as many members of the community as possible to grow and make purple, white and yellow flowers. In the week leading up to the Jubilee (w/c 30th May) we will cut them and arrange them into arches to decorate the monument and the TSB Building using rose arches and lots of garden wire!

Kirkby Lonsdale Monument Flowers
Kirkby Lonsdale TSB Flowers

Get Involved!

Contact Phoebe at the CIC to get involved: lovethelunepr@gmail.com

Flower Arranging  – We Need Your Help!

Get involved with decorating the Monument and Old TSB Building on Wednesday 1st June in Market Square, Kirkby Lonsdale. All ages and abilities welcome – there will be something to do for everyone!

Contact Phoebe to find out more: lovethelunepr@gmail.com

Flower Making Workshops

 At the flower making workshops you will make flowers using recycled and sustainable materials with options available for both adults and children. The workshops will take place this May, find out more here.
jubilee flower potting workshop
jubilee flower potting workshop
jubilee flower potting workshop

Flower Planting Workshops

Once we’ve potted our flowers, we need to start thinking about planting our flowers in the ground! Flower-planting workshops will take place end of April/ beginning of May. More details comings soon…

Contact Phoebe to find out more: lovethelunepr@gmail.com

Donate Jubilee Flowers

Are you in the process of doing your summer bedding? Do you have any extra plants you could donate for the Platinum Jubilee this June?
Please help the Jubilee Flower Project by donating plants which will flower for the first weekend in June. You can grow them at home or drop off any plants at the Information & Gift Shop and we can look after them from there!

Contact Phoebe to find out more: lovethelunepr@gmail.com
donate jubilee flowers

What Kind of Flowers?

Inspired by the beauty of St Mary’s Churchyard, and Queen Elizabeth’s favourite colours, we would like to make flowers in purple, white and yellow:


Inspired by crocuses from St Mary’s Churchyard and the royal Jubilee Purple. Flowers you could grow include: Sweet Peas, Cosmos, Lavitera, Malva etc.


Inspired by snowdrops from St Mary’s Churchyard and the queen’s favourite flower the white lily. Flowers you could grow include: Sweet Peas, Cosmos, Lavitera etc.


Inspired by daffodils from St Mary’s Churchyard and a nod to the poet-laureate William Wordsworth. Flowers you could grow include: Marigolds, Calendula etc.

Please remember: large flowers are better than small flowers so that people can see them! 

Flowers may need to be grown inside for the first few weeks due to the cold.

Jubilee Flower Project Poster


The Jubilee Flower Project aims to unite the Kirkby Lonsdale community, Dancing Through The Arches together during the Dancing Through The Decades jubilee celebrations this June.

The flowers arches are inspired by the historic royal arches which decorated Kirkby Lonsdale in past jubilees and coronations.

Don’t forget to share your pictures online with the hashtag when your #DancingThroughTheArches over the jubilee weekend!

Anne Burrow, Coronation George V, 1911
Anne Burrow, Coronation George V, 1911
Mike Hall_ QE2 Coronation 1953 Jubilee
Mike Hall, Queen Elizabeth II Coronation, 1953

We have kindly been given permission by the Kirkby Lonsdale Community Archive to use these historic images of Kirkby Lonsdale. See more images on their website.

Great Place: Lakes and Dales

This project is possible thanks to Great Place: Lakes and Dales and their Nurturing Creatives Micro-Commissions. 

GPLD’s micro-commissions offer you a chance to develop a new piece of work or artistic project, expanding on any lockdown ideas and developments in response to Covid, or exploring the relationship between wellbeing, creativity and the rural landscape.

Find out more about GPLD on their website. 

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