Piries Soul Food Sessions: Free Yoga

Mindful Yoga

Enjoy this free taster of Mindful Yoga with Zoe to reconnect with yourself and look after your wellbeing. This is especially important for all of us during Lockdown, when subconscious stress is at an all time high

Mindful Yoga teaches us how to move safely and enjoyably, usually in time with our breath. Movements and postures are taught with a range of levels so you can always find your own challenge and work at your own pace. No competition – we simply tune into ourselves.

Each class balances effort and ease; improving your core strength, muscle tone, posture and flexibility while deepening the connection you have with yourself. Enjoy movements, stretches and relaxation techniques to help you balance your body, mind and heart. There’s a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere in all of the classes so everyone, regardless of experience, can feel safe to experiment and have fun. No pressure or competition – this is real yoga for real people.

For more Mindful Yoga, join Zoe’s free classes on Thursday 11th February and Friday 12th February – sign up here.


Piries Soul Food

Piries’ Soul Food offer a whole range of mindfulness and wellbeing advice from yoga and shiatsu to nutrition and wellness. Set up by Zoe and Oliver Pirie, the couple aim to help people make time for themselves through mindful activities and delicious food. Visit their website and follow them on Instagram or Facebook to find out more.

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