Meet the Pilgrimage for Nature Walking from London to Glasgow

A Pilgrimage for Nature is coming to Kirkby Lonsdale on Friday 1st October and staying for two nights at the Methodist Hall. This is your chance to share stories and ideas about climate change and make a contribution to the cause.

They have organised a Moot at 6pm on Saturday 2nd October at the Lunesdale Hall – this will be an informal discussion about climate change and how it effects the land around us – and, at 7pm, a Scratch Performance – a practice performance for their final storytelling piece which will be performed at the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow! Find out more on the Facebook event.

Pilgramage for nature map

“At this time of unique peril for our planet and all its inhabitants our plan is to deeply connect with and listen to the land we travel through, the species we encounter on the way and the communities living along the route. Our walk is a uniquely hopeful, creative and reverential kind of activism.

Walk and talk with us as we wend our slow and careful way through Albion.”

Listening to The Land is an independent civil society movement, co-produced by Kriya Arts and No-Planet B Initiative. They are walking a Pilgrimage for Nature from London to Glasgow, collecting stories and supporters on the way as they complete their 400 mile journey. They will perform at the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow at the end of October, inspired by their journey and the communities they meet on the way. This is your chance to be heard at COP26.