Kirkby Lonsdale Town Guided Walks

Market Square

The Market Square, with its distinctive monument, is perhaps the heart of Kirkby Lonsdale.  Every Thursday you will find the Charter Market, selling fresh produce and goods since 1227.

The Square is lined with little shops, cafes and the beautiful Royal Hotel. At Christmas you will find a magnificent Christmas Tree and the chalet market. Other times you might stumble across a brass band concert or another live event.

If you face the Royal with your back to the square and turn right, you’ll find the majority of Kirkby’s independent shops and unique restaurants, leading on to St. Mary’s churchyard and the river.

Turning left is quieter, but not without treasures such as a second-hand bookshop, and The Milking Parlour, which sells ice cream made from milk from local dairy cows, as well as freshly made waffles.

Straight up the hill from the Square you’ll find the Royal Barn – a bar selling beers and ales made at the Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery. Jingling Lane disappears down the back-right corner of the Square and eventually leads down to the river, but not before tempting you with a chippy tea from Jingling Lane Chippy, or a fresh salad from the deli.

The Market Square is the perfect place to begin your day in Kirkby Lonsdale. And the Visitor Information Centre is just off the square too; pop in and say hello when you visit.

Kirkby Lonsdale Market Square