Devils Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale

Kirkby Lonsdale Town Council News

Kirkby Lonsdale Town Council’s planning group has considered three planning applications, which all Councillors have seen.
Approval was recommended in each case:

SL/2020/0122 7 Mitchelgate
SL/2020/0129 Fellside Farmhouse
S/09/13A/LB Kearstwick Hill

For full details of these applications, visit and follow the links to planning applications/decisions.

A scheme of delegation has been approved, as the Council is unable to meet at present, and meetings are suspended until further notice.

The Chairman and Deputy Chairman, together with the Clerk, are making routine decisions on behalf of the Council, while keeping all councillors involved and informed by email.

A number of charitable contributions have been made to assist in the present crisis and it is hoped, in due course, to set up a scheme whereby grant applications can be dealt with in a systematic manner.

The Council continues to be active in many ways. Please email the Town Clerk at if you wish to make contact.

There will be regular updates on Council matters. Watch this space.

Kevin Price, Town Clerk
May 14, 2020