Easter Bunny Hunt in Burrow with The Highwayman

Join the Easter Bunny Hunt in Burrow with The Highwayman

Help! A number of mischievous Easter Bunnies have escaped around the village and we need your help to find them all !

Follow the bunnies as they will guide you around our Easter Trail (we also have a handy map for you too) and count how many bunnies you can find so Farmer Jim knows how many he needs to catch! Make sure you note them down on here and hand this at the pub by Monday 12th April to enter our amazing Easter competition!

Keep your eye out for other spring items around the walk and see if you can spot them all! Print out this form and fill it in to win your prize:

Easter Bunny Hunt checklist

The trail is 3 miles in length, a pleasant walk for all abilities but good footwear is advised as there can be the odd muddy bit. There are a few stiles but mainly gates.

To start leave the Highwayman Car Park and head right through the village to Burrow Bridge. You will make your way to towards Burrow Hall. This part can be a little tricky as there isn’t a footpath, but we have got you some handy tips for safety.

From the pub cross over the road and walk along the footpath all the way to the bridge. Just before the bridge you will cross over to the pavement on the other side. Keep on this side now as you can safely walk along the grass verge until you reach the gates of Burrow Hall.

Now at the hall gates keeping a close eye on the road you want to cross over, even though there is not a lot of space it is easier to see traffic and for traffic to see you. You will see a mirror ahead with the gates. Once you get here you are then going to safely cross over to the track ahead.

Please remember to close the gates on this walk and keep dogs on their leads, these are working farms and even though the landowners are happy for you to come through it is lambing season here in the village. Enjoy!