How to be mindful during Lockdown: Kirkby Lonsdale’s Lockdown Walks Series

Now well into 2021, this February we would like to reiterate our New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Support the Kirkby Lonsdale community during lockdown by recommending local walks to help keep busy and healthy.
  2. Place an emphasis on mindfulness when offering advice and activities to the community.
  3. Continue spotlighting local businesses and recognising outstanding contributions to the community

To show we are all in this together

These promises are just as important to us now as they were in March 2020! Especially since learning how Lockdown 3 tests us no matter how prepared we thought we were after last year. We are here to support our community, provide for you and to collaborate with locals making a difference.

So far, we have done this by curating our Lockdown Walks Series – offering beautiful walks for locals to enjoy during Lockdown and encouraging everyone to reconnect with nature and stay mindful. You can find all of these, along with some Lockdown advice, in the ‘Things To Do’ section of our website.

Robin Ree Photography

First of all, we would like to thank Robin Ree for his generous and creative contributions: he has been sharing the beauty of Kirkby Lonsdale and the Lune Valley with everyone at home. Robin’s stunning photography can be found throughout the Lockdown Walks Series (where credited) as he captures the distinguishing views of our well-loved countryside. We are sure there will be much more to come from Robin throughout 2021.

Highwayman Hikes

As the initial inspiration for our Lockdown Walks Series, The Highwayman pub has been creating gorgeous walks every week for us locals to enjoy during Lockdown. Landlady Aimee Sharples came up with the idea because she wanted to share her passion for walking with the community and help us all get through this Lockdown: We just had to get involved, so you can now find all of The Highwayman’s walks in the ‘Things To Do’ section of our website: a new walk is published every Thursday and Sunday for all abilities, starting from The Highwayman car park (free parking!) where you can pick up a well-earned Click & Collect from the pub after your walk.

“I want to inspire people to get out into the fresh air as I find going for even a short walk every day really helps during these times” –  Aimee Sharples

Some of her shorter walks include the Tunstall Circular (aka the Halloween walk), the Cowdber Barn Circular and the Leck Beck and Spring Wood Circular. Her longer walks include the Nether Burrow and Leck Beck Circular,the Leck Circular (although this one is adjustable by length and ability) and the Leck Circular via Collinghome (with Robin Ree’s stunning photography). Look out for more fabulous Highwayman Hikes this February!

You can order Click & Collect from the Highwayman pub to pick up after your walk every weekend; Friday 5-8pm, Saturday 4-8pm or Sunday 12-7pm. You can order online here or call 015242 73338.

Yoga Walks by the Lune

We have also partnered with Yoga by the Lune for our weekly Yoga Walks by the Lune series: helping to bring back connection and kindness to ourselves, others and the environment with a collection of walks, yoga and mindfulness advice. Yoga instructor Claire Braithwaite has recommended some perfect spots to do yoga while on the River Walk, and some Desk (or bench!) Yoga tips to loosen up those muscles from being at home all day.

“Yoga isn’t about getting into a pose, it’s connecting back to ourselves, coming back in, living in the present authentically, without judgement or harm” – Claire Braithwaite

Follow Yoga by the Lune on Facebook: and Instagram: for more nature in your feed and tips on how to be mindful or you can contact Claire at

Tess Pike’s Blue Badge Guide Walks

Our final collaboration of the month was with the brilliant Tess Pike, a Blue Badge Guide who led a virtual tour of Kirkby Lonsdale over Zoom at the end of January. Tess has collaborated with Robin Ree to curate some wonderful Blue Badge Guide Walks, giving you a taste of the local countryside along with its history. The beautiful yet informative nature of these walks are perfect for locals who want to get out and about, and for those from further afield to appreciate the beauty of Kirkby from their homes, starting with The Biggins Walk.

 “I love guiding people, especially families and children, around the North of England and using literature to compliment Kirkby’s rich and varied landscape” – Tess Pike 

Tess trained our own Town Guides who run guided walks from the Tourist Information & Gift Shop every first and third Friday and Saturday of the month (these will resume when Lockdown rules allow). 

You can find out more about Tess Pike’s Blue Badge Walking Tours (both real and virtual) on her website or by following her on Instagram and Facebook. And if you are interested sharing your love for Kirkby Lonsdale and Cumbrian history you can become a Blue Badge Guide yourself here.


Keep your eye peeled for more Lockdown Walk Series collaborations coming this February. We have plenty more to come from Robin, Aimee, Claire and Tess as well as some new projects in the works coming soon! You can always browse the ‘Things To Do’ section of our website to find out more, especially if you need something to keep you busy or calm during these difficult times.

If you are struggling during Lockdown try reaching out to family members or friends, or you can use any of these resources below:

Cumbria County Council (Advice and Information):

Cumbria County Council (Welfare):

Every Life Matters (Welfare):

Southlakes Housing (Welfare): 

Southlakeland District Council (Business Support):

To show we are all in this together