Highwayman Hikes: Leck Beck and Spring Wood Circular

Length:  3.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 1 hr 15 mins

Starting point:  Cowan Bridge ( Car Park behind the Tea Rooms) – Small Fee

Becca and Elliott from Team Highwayman have created a short walk for you this week, it can be adapted in lots of different way which we will cover over the next few months. If you fancy starting from the pub use one of our walks we have done so far to work your way up to Cowan Bridge, head towards the tea rooms and around the back is the car park. Hope you enjoy!

If you  start this walk from The Highwayman Pub rather than Cowan Bridge, you will ad  an extra 40mins extra each way. Look at steps 1 – 8 of The Leck Circular Highwayman Hike for directions.

  1. Leave the car park at Cowan Bridge, turning left and walking under the bridge along the road up through Leck. Keep walking straight up the road, you will walk past crossroads and a turning towards the church, make sure you keep going straight ahead.
  1. Once you reach the letter box at Leck Hill House, go left down the road into Low Leck.
  2. At the split in the road, keep right and follow down the road marked as a dead end. You will walk through some houses where you will keep left, taking you onto the footpath.
  1. Go through the gate / over the style and stick to the path through the fields! The path will look to split but keep following it left and you will arrive at another gate, heading into Springs Wood.
There is often sheep in these fields so please be mindful of closing gates and keeping dogs on leads. 


  1. Continue through Springs Wood, which will end once you reach another gate. Go through the gate and keep following the footpath through the fields where once again you will reach a gate and a style.


  1. At this point you have three options:

Firstly, you can turn back around and go back the way you came (this is your full 1 hour and 15 mins walk).

Second, if you fancy going further you can continue on the footpath through Ease Gull to Leck Fell House, looping back around to Leck.

Thirdly, you can walk to Bullpot Farm and around Leck Fell.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use this map put up by  The National Park to find your way. But don’t worry if not – future Highwayman Hikes will be outlining these routes in more detail.

  1. If you’re choosing the first option, follow the same way back that you came and keep right once you get back to the road.  
  2. Walk through Low Leck until you come back  to the crossroads you passed at the start of the walk and turn right back down towards Cowan Bridge!
  1. The Highwayman is just 5 minutes from Cowan Bridge, so you can drive quickly and easily to pick up a well-earned Click & Collect or you can use the Leck Circular Highwayman Hike (starting from step 18) to find your way by foot.

Click & Collect

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