Christmas Window Competition in Kirkby Lonsdale


Look out for the beautiful Christmas windows as you wander around town during Late Night Shopping (and the rest of the week!) and decide which local business YOU think has the best Christmas window display. 




Year on year the Kirkby Lonsdale shops create beautiful windows for shoppers to gaze into as they do their Christmas shopping so this year we are introducing the Christmas Window Competition. Businesses who enter will be in for winning a prize, decided by their very own customers – you!  The competition will also give shoppers something fun and festive to do while they wait to enter shops safely outside in the Christmas-lit streets.


There will even be a Virtual Christmas Window Walk on Instagram and Facebook Live for those of you unable to venture through the streets, due to Coronavirus or any other reason.


Voting is open 4th – 16th December and the winner will be crowned during Late Night Shopping on Friday 18th December. Your favourite Christmas window will be awarded a £125 CASH PRIZE for its creativity, festivity and sustainability! 


Submit your VOTE through the online form on our Facebook page or by secret ballot at the town Post Office, Bank or Tourist Information Centre.