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A Bright New Future for Kirkby Lonsdale Charter Market

Kirkby Lonsdale’s Charter Market is embracing the future with the help of a specialist market company. The town has had a market charter since 1227 and it’s hoped the new partnership will help the market to grow and flourish for decades to come says Town Manager Janet Nuttall…

Back in 2011, when the Kirkby Lonsdale Community Interest Company was first formed, we took ownership of the Charter Market from South Lakes District Council. We aspired to promote and grow the market, making it a popular destination for local shoppers and visitors. This we have done with the support of our loyal traders and customers.

Kirkby Lonsdale charter market stall
Charity stall at Kirkby Lonsdale Charter Market

A long history

The market is central to Kirkby Lonsdale’s identity and history and we have shaped, promoted and managed it 12 months of the year.

Each Tuesday night the signs would be placed on the Market square warning motorists the market would be closed for parking each Thursday morning. While the town slept, the merchandise was packed and transported, the stalls were erected and goods arranged to catch the eye of passing shoppers.

We have sold pet supplies, jewellery, fruit, cakes, fish, bread toilet rolls, socks, wine, antiques and bric-a-brac. We have promoted local charities and taken surveys. We have enticed people in with many delicious street food stalls. We have survived gale force winds, freezing temperatures and now a pandemic!

It is fair to say we cherish our Charter Market.

Kirkby Lonsdale Charter Market cakes
Kirkby Lonsdale Charter Market cakes

A new direction

Now in 2020 we have recognized the market needs more than we can give it.

The future for all mid week traditional markets is tough. Peoples shopping habits have changed. One-stop out of town supermarkets have put pressure markets and high streets. So our plan to ensure our market continues to grow and improve is to employ Geraud (UK) a specialist firm in market management with a local proven record of success.

The CIC will retain ‘ownership’ of the market – we will continue to set and ensure high standards and performance. This is a new stage in the market’s continued success.

Please come down on Thursday and have a look for yourself.

Market wine stall

Over the years the market has had a wide range of stalls

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